Wheel Alignment

Is your car uncomfortable to drive? Does it pull in one direction or another? These problems and more could be the result of poorly aligned wheels. Incorrect wheel alignment can result in rapid, irregular tyre wear and can negatively affect the handling and safety of your vehicle. Wheels can edge out of alignment for many reasons, including unavoidable driving occurrences like hitting potholes and speed bumps.
At The Wheel Specialists, we can put your vehicle back on the straight and narrow by analysing the current wheel alignment and working to correct it. During the alignment check, the car’s suspension geometry settings will be measured against the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Any adjustments are then made to prolong your tyre’s lifespan and protect your safety.

alloy wheel refurbishment

Advantages Of Wheel Alignment.

  • 1. Fuel Efficiency
  • 2. Smoother Ride
  • 3. Improved Steering
  • 4. Fewer Auto Repairs
  • 5. Longer-Lasting Tires
  • 6. Safety on Rough Roads

Wheel Alignment Glimpse

  • image of blistering on alloy wheel
  • image of surface scuffs on alloy wheel
  • image of chipped edges on alloy wheel
  • image of buckles and flatspots on alloy wheel
  • image of kerb damaged alloy wheel
  • image of corroded alloy wheel