wheel straightening

The poor state of some of the roads which cause potholes is one of the main causes of Alloy Wheels being damaged with large expensive alloys with low profile tyres being the most susceptible to damage and the cost of replacing one of these wheels can be many hundreds of rupees. Potholes, curbs, road hazards and debris can cause bends to the inner and/or outer lip of a wheel. If left uncorrected, it will not only destroy your tires, it can cause serious damage to both the steering and suspension systems of your vehicle.
Additionally, they contribute to increased tire wear, decreased gas mileage, vibration and even the possibility of a dangerous blowout when you least expect it.
Our wheel straightening service is the solution for your bent alloy wheels. We use safe and effective techniques on our wheel straightening system.

Cosmetic Repairs

Cosmetic repair process have been developed to help minimise the repair area and reduce time and money spend to hide/repair the damage without full refurbishment.

Complete Refurbishment

TWS provides an efficient, cost effective complete alloy wheel refurbishment service that reproduces manufacturer’s quality at a fraction of the cost of new wheels.
A full refurbishment excluding structural repairs will take minimum 3 working days to complete.
Wheels requiring a structural damage repair will need to be inspected and surveyed by one of our technicians and a cost and time frame will be quoted, subject to the extent of the damage.

Diamond Cutting

The refurbishment of a diamond cut wheel is impossible to do as a touch up as it requires the use of our state of art lathe. The Diamond Cutting process involves removing a thin layer of alloy from the wheel using our specialist lathing equipment. It is important to note that there are many points to consider when having your diamond cut wheels refurbished, such as; have they been cut before [they can only be re-cut a finite amount of times] as by the nature of the process we will remove metal from the front face, the level of damage or corrosion and if the wheel has embossed wording.

Wheel Personalization

Alloy Wheels recolored to vehicle color match, special colors, different finishes, pin stripping or painted wheel pockets.

Calliper Painting

When you customized your wheels, Why you leave your Brake Callipers dirty. Add value to your vehicle by painting the brake callipers with attractive colors. We paint your brake Callipers and give your ride a class.

Wheel Alignment

Is your car uncomfortable to drive? Does it pull in one direction or another? These problems and more could be the result of poorly aligned wheels. Incorrect wheel alignment can result in rapid, irregular tyre wear and can negatively affect the handling and safety of your vehicle. Wheels can edge out of alignment for many reasons, including unavoidable driving occurrences like hitting potholes and speed bumps.
At The Wheel Specialists, we can put your vehicle back on the straight and narrow by analysing the current wheel alignment and working to correct it. During the alignment check, the car’s suspension geometry settings will be measured against the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Any adjustments are then made to prolong your tyre’s lifespan and protect your safety.

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THE WHEEL SPECIALISTS is the professional alloy wheel repair, refurbishment and customization specialist providing a professional service that transforms the look of any car and wheels.

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